Supermetrics Add-on Is not In Sheets


I can not find the supermetrics add-on within google sheets. It suddenly disappeared, and I am unable to launch the sidebar or refresh any of my queries. Please let me know if this is isolated to just me or if this is a bigger issue that is being worked through currently.


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  • Same here, figured I could try to reinstall the add-on but couldn't find it in the add-ons window.

    SM Search.JPG
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  • Same issue here

  • I confirm. Was using it earlier today. Went back to it a few minutes ago and found nothing... 

  • Lo mismo me esta sucediendo, por favor su ayuda con este tema

  • Hi I am having the same problems! 

  • The SuperMetrics team is aware of the issue. See this thread for their response:

  • same here as well and i can't find it the add-on store

  • The same problem here!

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