how can I get Youtube total subscribers

Hi, I know I can get subscribers gained or lost,

but can I just get total subscribers like facebook data?

If metrics are all different from various data sources, how wired it would be?

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  • I would also like to pull total subscribers number (at least for channel-level queries). 

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  • Me too!

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  • Hello, I'm interested too in getting total subscribers at channel-level.

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  • This is also a requirement for me (and I imagine anyone wanting to pull YT channel metrics).

  • Indeed! Is there any solution available?

  •  Is there a solution?

  • Facebook insights connector has a Total Likes Metric, Instagram Insights has Profile Followers and Twitter User Data has Followers Count.

    We Just Need YouTube Now Please

  • Is there really STILL no answer to this perfectly legitimate question? Channel subscribers is the #1 key marketing metric on YouTube!

    Things like this really shake my faith in Supermetrics. It can do so much, but is missing too many basic things like this.

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