Supermetrics API " How to connect Supermetrics API directly to Data Studio" could someone help me with this?

I want to connect Supermetrics API directly to Data Studio, could someone help me with this? and also if someone could tell me what data sources are currently working and available?

Thank you for your help in advance.

  • Hi Mayank,

    Thank you for reaching out. 

    I will leave below our Data Studio - Getting Started guide. It has step by step information, as well as some really useful videos.

    I will also link below our Data Studio connectors:

    If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know.


    Supermetrics Team

  • Can i use the same steps to connect Supermetrics API to Data Studio Directly?

  • Hi again Mayank,

    Supermetrics API product does not connect directly to Data Studio, however the Data Studio connectors connect to Data Studio and you can check the steps from the articles I have previously shared with you for a guide on how you can do that. 

  • Can I connect supermetrics API to Big querry?

  • Hi Mayank,

    unfortunately we do not have an integration to BigQuery yet.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Are there any future possibilities it might come?

  • Hi Myank,

    it is possible indeed but it will take at least a couple of months.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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