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The Linkedin Company Pages connector doesn't seem to offer many metrics about updates - I want to know how many impressions, clicks, social actions, video views etc our updates have received, but I can only see Likes, Comments and Updates. Is there a reason I can't get these metrics?

The Linkedin Ads connector seems to offer a lot more metrics, which I would expect, so don't know why the Linkedin Company Pages one doesn't..

I also have an issue with the way the connection is actually setup - is there a reason you split out update details from others like page followers, page statistics etc? The Facebook connector seems to offer this all in one connection, whereas the Linkedin Company Pages one gets split out into 5?


  • Hi Alex,

    It's totally dependent on the data source's API and what each source wants to make available in it. In this case, we offer what LinkedIn makes available in their Company Page API, which is as you noted, pretty limited.

    If you want to get more content added to an API, it's best to reach out to their support to make a feature request. Once it's in their API, then we can grab it for Supermetrics.

    As for your last question - I assume this also has to with how we used the API. Those items may be stored in separate end-points and require that we request them differently. We also tend to do this to make it more foolproof if there's a high chance that some fields are not compatible with others.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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