How does the Vimeo Connector work?


I want to pull in data from Vimeo to GDS, however the connector doesn't seem to make sense - it doesn't offer me a choice of Vimeo account to connect to, so not sure how it's saying it's connected. It then offers for me to search by user or search by video (see screenshot) which is confusing -  I just want to pull in all the videos from an account to analyse!

Metrics - I just want to pull in all video data from a specific Vimeo account, to report on fairly basic stats like video views, but it doesn't seem to allow this, and I'm not really sure what data is being pulled in as there don't seem to be any standard metrics - can anyone advise? In screenshot attached you can see all the metrics I'm offered but the only one that seems half useful (Play Count) doesn't pull any data!

I can't find any documentation of the connector, nor any posts or discussions in the support forums

Thanks in advance!

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