Today is the last day

I want to continue with my paid account at the existing pricing.

Can you tell me:

1. What is the pricing increase for 1 month plan? (before and after)

2. How is "queries" defined on pricing page?  Does the rows pulled from Facebook posts mean queries?

3.  Can you ensure my service is working?

  • Hi,

    #1 - The current monthly price is for Pro is ~$61 (USD, the price is slightly lower if EUR but the change is the same). The change is to ~$73 a month. If you want to keep the old price, you have to update your license to use auto renewal basically today:

    How Do I Enable/Disable Auto-Renewal?

    If you bought with Paypal, you can't enable it in Team Management. You need to go into Account Mangement (Where can I find my Account Management page?), and extend/renew the license. In the purchase page you can make sure auto-renewal is checked and complete the purchase to enable auto renewal.

    #2 - Each time you press the refresh button, modify a query, or run an automated refresh is considered to be a "query' counted towards your daily limit. You can review your usage now in Team Management - see this article for more information:

    Viewing Your Account Usage

    #3 -  If you have an issue with the service, please submit a request with all the details (error message, explanation of unexpected behavior, account name, query id, etc.) so we can investigate it for you:

    Also - noticed you put this in the Data Studio section - The price is not changing for that product. Only Google Sheets.

    -Thank you


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