New aggregation update in Data Studio is breaking any custom metrics (no auto agg.)

It seems the update mentioned in this thread has broken some functionality in your connector:

Specifically, I can't make full use of custom metrics now.

Before, when creating one I got the "Auto" aggregation but now it's set to "None" and don't have the option to select "Auto".

This means that any of my custom metrics don't work now - that's mission critical for us.

  • Someone from Google replied and my issue is solved.

    Seems you now have to be careful about the aggregation selected.

    For example before doing an ROI calculated metric would automatically aggregate - now you have to specify either within the formula or the fields part of the formula the aggregation if they are set to none.

    That's the example from the google employee that helped me:

    If it is just the confusion about the new behavior, you should be able to fix it by checking the fields used in your formula,  if they are all aggregation type "none"  then you can either add aggregation funciton to them, or change the field aggregation type from none to xxx


    for example you have field 


    1. A  "none"

    2. B  "none"

    3. C  "none"


    and your formula is A / B


    then change it to sum(A) / sum(B)




    change the field

    1. A  "sum"

    2. B  "sum"

    3. C  "none"

  • Hi George,

    Glad to hear Google's support was able to help you out.

    And thanks a bunch for sharing the solution, will be helpful for others!


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

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