LinkedIn Ads: Reach metric

Hi, Is it possible to add the metric Reach from Linkedin to your Linkedin Ads report? It would be useful for me.

Thank you.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your request.

    In my understanding, we already include all reporting metrics and dimensions that LinkedIn Ads API has to offer. 

    Have you spotted Reach in their API reference? If yes, we'd appreciate a link to it. Thanks!


    Supermetrics team

  • I found this metric, but i'm not so used to API and coding.

    approximateUniqueImpressionslongThe number of instances where a unique user viewed an ad served to them by LinkedIn. This metric is not returned by default. It must be explicitly requested in the projection parameter to be returned.

    So, reach is not available for Linkedin Ads?

  • Hi Supermetrics team, could you advise on Reach and Frequency metrics in LinkedIn Ads? Thanks!!

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the additional information. We already have a feature request in the backlog to add reach (approximateUniqueImpressions) and it is still under development. But sadly, Frequency is not yet available in the API.

    We will send out updates when new metrics are added to the products.

    Best regards,

    Supermetrics team

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  • Hey guys, any updates or time frame when this will become available. It is a very important metric when evaluating LinkedIn ad campaigns. Cheers, Jochen

  • is the reach metric available now?

  • Hi team. The market is still wishing for you to update with LinkedIn reach parameters. No LinkedIn report is completed without this metric. Will not continue with the subscription if this is not in place in the next couple of months. Update on development is requested.

  • This feature is still requested - no LinkedIn report is complete without this crucial metric.

    Whats the status?

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