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Why do I get the #NAME error in Google Spreed Sheet?

I've duplicated a Google Spreed Sheet from one that is work fine into another one, and this error appear. How can i fix it 

Hi Miguel,

Did you copy the full file or just the tab/function? If not the full file, then the code necessary to run the function wasn't copied over and would explain why it's not working.

-Thank you

Supermetrics Team


I am facing the same issue. The file was copied as Supermetrics -> Duplicate this file for other account​​ and when I am trying to modify the query via the sidebar (eg add another account) I get the #name error.

After playing around a little bit I found out that if I refresh at least 1 query before modifying it then there are no issues with modification. Looks like a bug or at least not very intuitive behavior.

Could you please have a look.



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