YouTube and Twitterd - none or limited data pull


1. Youtube 
I am to crate a simple report. I need to get some metrics (video views, comments, likes, shares, subscribers). When I try to get it it either says that the query contains no data or fetches only one metric name of the header. My account (with Pro subscription) is the same account which owns the Youtube channel. Is it an issue on your/ Youtube's site or am I doing something wrong? 

2. Twitter 
I would like to get some engagement and reach data. However those metrics are available only in "Twitter Ads". When I try to pull it - it brings nothing. 

Then again, when I go to the general Twitter, it contains almost no relevant metrics for my purpose. Could you advise me what can I do? 

Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Ed,

    1. We did some test queries and everything seems to be working normally:

    so the most likely scenario is that your permission levels are not sufficient for the account that you're trying to get data from. Try asking that accounts administrator to give you high enough permissions.

    2. Twitter ads is working normally as well. If you're still experiencing this issue, please post a screenshot of the results and you query details in the sidebar.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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