Some Instagram News?


It's been a while since I was able to pull some useful instagram data for my customer reports. 

The instagram connector is still shown in google sheets as a possible connector, but Im not able to pull public data. Everytime I try to get data like published for the time dimension, link to post, likes count, comments count I get an empty sheet ...

So are there any news for instagram?

We got the last update on Friday 5th of May (

  • Hi Klaus,

    Sorry, there have been no further updates than what was added to the article. We are still waiting for Facebook to approve our connector - we have no timeline from them on when this could be, so I can't tell you when this will be available. If you are already on the beta tester list, we will notify you just as soon as the connector is available to use. If you are not on the list, we can add you.

    -Thank you

    Supemetrics Team

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