Using Google Search Console for Branded vs. Non-branded Keywords

I am trying to learn how to utilize the google search console, especially how to create the graphs for branded vs. non-branded search queries - in the article below

I am having trouble figuring out how to set up the metrics, split by, etc. to get the data correct to show the graph similar to the one posted on this blog. I would love to get an exact step-by-step tutorial of how to pull the data and then graph it correctly. Are you supposed to do manual work after you pull the data that separates the branded vs. non-branded queries? 


  • Hi Josie, 

    You do not have to do any manual work to separate branded vs. non-branded queries. The report featured in the article is just one example of how the new Search Console Connector's dimensions/metrics can be used. You can create many different queries using the sidebar.

    To build the table exactly like in the article please follow these steps: 

    1) Build the query which pulls data. Please refer to the screenshot below to see how metrics/dimensions should be selected

    2) After the query is built, select the relevant cell range with the data and press "build a chart" option from the upper menu in GSheets. The chart should be set up like this:

    3) Please use the "customize" chart sidebar to adjust the name of the axis etc.

    In case you need more assistance with building queries, please refer to our collection of tutorials here.

    Thank you! --Anna 

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