Authentication Error

Error: Authentication error. Please log out of the service and back in, then try again

I have received the above message when I am trying to use Supermetrics Functions. I tried taking out the token and putting back in, but the error still pops up.

Would you be able to help me look into this?

Google account:

  • Hi Guan,

    Please try the following:

    1. Log out of the service you wish to access in the browser - for example if you are trying to access AdWords, log out of AdWords in the browser. 
    2. Go to
    3. Click the link to generate a new token for the service you wish to access. Log in as needed to the service,
    4. Copy and paste the newly generated token into the Functions sheet.

    Hopefully that fixes the authentication error as it should reset the authentication token on our side. If that doesn't work, let me know.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team