Scaling the Search Volume Export in Keyword Planner (By State)

I want to export a BIG list of keywords and export the search volume by month for EACH state. 


Is there a method to do this non-manually with SuperMetrics and Google Sheets?

  • Hi Nick,

    thanks for contacting us. 

    We don't unfortunately offer a direct connector to Keyword Planner, but in our AdWords connector you can find a fair amount of Keyword related dimensions, to inspect CPC's and other related data. Please check those options in the Split by -section, under Keyword label in the dimension listing.


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

  • Hi,

    Is there any plan in the future to add Keyword Planner to Supermetrics, as long as this is technically possible (in another words, does Google have APIs to the Keyword Planner tool, as I haven't seen any tool offering this API) ?


  • Hi Valentino,

    Thanks for your question.

    Keyword Planner does not have an API, but you could do almost the same thing the Google Ads Targeting Idea service. Most of this functionality is already integrated in Supermetrics, please find the dimensions under the Keyword label in Supermetrics sidebar, AdWords data source.


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

  • Keyword Planner does not have an API

    It has. There are methods to query AdWords APi to get all data from keyword planner. BTW, where is the label "Keyword" - i absolutely can't find it in the Hoogle Ads data source.

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  • The status is 'solved'. How is this question further addressed, is it now possible to retrieve search volume data?

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