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Sidebar not launching


I have just registered for the free trial on the Google Sheet add-on but the sidebar isn't launching. I have tried it on private navigation and it's still not working. Could you help me with this ?


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Same issue for me.

We are using the paid version and the sidebar is also not loading.

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Thanks for letting us know. Google has some issues with their add-ons at the moment which is affecting our Google Sheets services as well. Terribly sorry for this.

You can read more and receive updates at ***Service outage (Supermetrics for Google Sheets) 06-07-2018***

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

This issue is now fixed. If you refresh your browser tab with Google Sheets, Supermetrics should open up normally from the add-on menu. This time it will ask you for a permission and opens it up in a new window but it will happen only once.

Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

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