Scheduled data refresh pulling incorrect data

I have a scheduled refresh, however, this has pulled incorrect data and not the metrics I specified. Does a scheduled refresh need to be resaved each time you adjust the metrics? e.g. I pulled Facebook Impressions and saved this within the scheduled refresh. Later I want to pull Facebook Impressions AND Facebook Reach, so I run this and "apply changes". Do I then have to go back into the scheduled refresh and re-save, or no?

Also, when I manually refresh the data, why does it sometimes show 1, 2, or 3 "subqueries" being ran as well?

  • Hi Derek,

    Thanks for contacting us. Sorry to hear about the issue.

    The scheduled refresh triggers only update the existing queries in your sheet. If you have modified the query, or by mistake added a new one on top of it, the refresh may not look like you expect. 

    You can create multiple queries in one sheet, in the same or in different tabs, and one trigger will always update all of them.

    Please check your SupermetricsQueries tab (hidden by default) to see how many queries you have, and where they point to.

    See this getting started video, to find out more about Supermetrics for Google Sheets usage.

    Regarding subqueries, some dimensions, metrics or filters need to be fetched separately, which creates subqueries.

    Best regards,

    Heidi / Supermetrics team

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