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Won't fetch Adwords account

My Adwords account won't fetch. I've refreshed, restarted by computer, logged out of the account, and upon trying to log back in, I can't. 

  • Hi Lourdes,

    This is due to a change to AdWords where they no longer allow inactive accounts to be fetched by the API:

    You may need to manually cancel inactive accounts in AdWords - information on how to do this is listed in this article:

    If the error message doesn't mention the account that has the issue, then you should then be able to find these in AdWords itself as they will be marked as canceled.


    Then you will need to take those inactive/canceled ones and remove them from the Account set in the sidebar (if using sheets):


    Or out of the account list if using another tool.

    This in theory should clear the error as you are no longer trying to access it directly.

    If you can't access the account list as you are getting blocked by the error at login and are using sheets, you can manually edit it out in the SupermetricsQueries tab (if hidden, click Add-ons->Supermetrics->Manage queries). Scroll over to the "Accounts/views" column and remove any references there to the canceled accounts. Delete both the ID and the name - it will be in the format:


    If you can remove the account (or aren't using a canceled account), but still get the error, perform the steps in this article to refresh you account info as we may have something cached that is causing the problem (select either Sheets or Data Studio license as appropriate):

    Forcing a Refresh for Account Data

    If that all fails, I can also try to delete the authentication reference on my side to see if that clears the issue up.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • Hi Lourdes,

    Google AdWords team has said that the issue should now be resolved. Please check if you are able to now access all your AdWords accounts without an issue.

    If you are still getting the error (or one mentioning it may be a Google Bug), please let me know.

    If you see that any accounts are missing now, check in AdWords to confirm if they are still active (canceled accounts are not gathered by the API and would need to be reactivated).

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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