Formatting Numbers as Text, Apostrophe in Dates

Is anyone else having the issue with Supermetrics for Google Sheets where downloads randomly format dates and numbers as text? We have been seeing this issue a lot lately and it causes problems with formulas that rely on these data sets. 


 - All cells sometimes have apostrophe in front of the value (thus formatting all dates and numbers as text)

 - Sometimes individual date or number cells are formatted as text, without the apostrophe. This is even harder to deal with since you have to find the exact cell to replace

At this point we've seen it across accounts, files and all traffic sources so it seems widespread. I've had a ticket open with support for 72 days now so opening this up to the public forum to see if others are having the same issue.

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  • Hi Clayton,

    I found a little workaround for this (we still don't have a permanent fix for it). You still will likely need to do the TIME_DIMENSION FORMAT trick with this. But I found that the apostrophe clears if I "refresh" the query with this button:



    But it comes back if I "Apply changes" if I have the modify mode open in the side bar, even if I made no actual changes.


    Using "Refresh" gain though after that fixes it again.

    I also think the triggers use the "refresh" method so they should also not reintroduce the apostrophe if it was removed with the work around above.

    It's not ideal but it least should give a consistent way to remove it.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • This just happened to one of my dashboards (randomly). Any update on a fix? It took me quite a while to track down why my formulas had broken. 

  • We still have this issue almost daily across various queries, files, accounts & sources. Hopefully some resources are being dedicated to fixing this.

  • thanks guys!