Subscription Timeout Before Renewal Period

Our renewal date for our pro subscription is June 12, but upon launching the sidebar we are receiving the notification that our trial has ended. We plan to renew, but would prefer to know why our subscription is timing out a couple weeks early. 

  • Hi,

    I checked the license for this and it still is active until the date you gave. There was one minor error where it was missing the username in a field that shouldn't matter, but I filled that in anyway just in case that is the problem.

    First make sure you are logged into Drive as the right user. If you are logged in with several users, you might be hitting a known Google account bug that is confusing the tool. You can use the workaround in here to test if that is indeed the issue:

    Authentication-, HTTP- or Script errors

    Another possibility is that the license info on the account needs to be refreshed. If you can, click on your account name near the bottom (the username should match the license, if not that is probably the issue):


    Then in the pop-up, click "refresh account info".


    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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