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I'm testing the Google My Business Connector for Data Studio for a company with 352 stores. The Connector can not exit from "Loading Data Sources". Why does it happen? Need to know if it will work for so many stores before hiring.

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  • Hi Leonardo,

    Unfortunately the API for Google My Business is rather limited in the amount of requests it lets go through, so having this many stores in a single request is probably too much for it to handle. Which would explain the behavior you are seeing. Also be aware that Google Data Studio itself has a 6 minute timeout for queries, so it may also be hitting that as the query may be very slow with that many store accounts to fetch.

    We are working to see if we can build some better handling of requests to avoid or at list limit the impact the limitations. However, the best way to prevent this is to make separate datasources with fewer stores in them.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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