How to pull LinkedIn InMail click data?

I'm trying to pull the data that shows how many people clicked a link from within a LinkedIn InMail. When exported through LinkedIn into a spreadsheet, it is listed as "Clicks (Sponsored InMail)". But when I search the variables within the LinkedIn Supermetrics variable in Google Sheets, it does not give this option nor any other option that adds up to the quantity shown in "Clicks (Sponsored InMail)". Any ideas how I can figure this out?

  • Hi Derek,

    It may be that the "Clicks (Sponsored InMail)" from the export is a combination of different click types - the API splits them into action button clicks,  ad unit clicks, and lead generation clicks. We do support all of these related metrics in our product that come from the API:


    I would check to see if the numbers are split across different metrics, in which case you'll have to sum them to get the matching value from the export. If that still doesn't give a match, then we need the query configuration/query ID, and screenshots showing the correct value from LinkedIn Ads and the incorrect values from Supermetrics (make sure the date ranges match for both).

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
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