Search Console Don't Match From Query to Query


If I do a query by date from 2/24/18 - 3/1/2018, the numbers DO NOT match the days if I do the EXACT SAME query from 2/22/18 - 3/1/2018. What is happening? Which is right? Why are they not the same - this seems like a HUGE bug and would make me potentially not want to use the service if I can't trust my numbers. 

I am using Supermetrics Functions- here is an example sheet where this is happening:

  • Hi Amelia,

    at the moment Google Search Console only gives data from the last 90 days. This is soon about to change as we're adapting new features to Search Console connector that Google recently enabled.

    We'll let everyone know on our monthly newsletter when the changes are published.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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