Supermetrics for Google Sheets - free trial with full features.


I decided try Supermetrics for Google Sheets - free trial with full features. 

You write that free trial contains  full features. But it's not true, i work with data for one day and see sampled, see screenshot

If i buy premium will i see the same sampled data?

Why you write that free trial has full features?

  • Hi,

    The trial is at Super Pro level and does offer all the features that we provide with the product. The sampling is done by Google themselves when you query Google Analytics, based on the size and type of query you are doing. It's not a limitation our product imposes.

    There is an option to try to disable sampling here -


    But note that this is not 100% assurance that it won't be sampled. If you pull a large amount of data, a lot of historical data or pull certain types of metrics (like for users), it will likely still be sampled even with this setting.

    If anything is still unclear, please let me know.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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