Quality Score Breakdown Columns


I'm keen to pull out the columns from Adwords called "Ad Relevance, Expected CTR and Landing Page Experience" which show Above Average, Average and Below Average as dimensions into a Google Sheet.

Is there any plans to add this in and if so when? :)

  • Hi,

    I checked into the AdWords Reporting API, which is what we use to pull the data, but I could not find any of the fields listed. So we may not be able to add those until they are present in the API. Especially if they are newly added features to AdWords, it may take them some time to add it.

    I'm not as familiar though with these fields in AdWords, so it could be that I'm looking for the wrong thing in the documentation (there is a "QualityScore" field but is has no breakdowns listed). If you want to double-check what is available, you can do so here:


    If you do find what you want there, please link back to us location in the API documentation and then we can look to add the fields to the connector.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
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