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Tried connecting LinkedIn company pages, but the drop down is blank.

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  • Hi Justin,

    Thanks for your message. Seems like the connection needs force refresh to start working properly. (The following instructions are for Facebook, but other connectors work the same)

    1. Click the "Edit" icon next your Data Source (or click Resource->Managed added data sources and click Edit there).

      Data Source data element with arrow pointing to pencil edit icon

    2. Then click EDIT CONNECTION to go to the authentication settings for the connector.

      Edit connection link in data source field editing menu

    3. Find and copy the shortened URL given in the "To add more/manage user accounts, visit https.. section.

    4. Paste URL this into another browser window/tab to navigate to it. The URL should lead to a page like below. You want to select the link option under "Or add a new account."

      Log-in popup for Facebook Ads, with add new account link highlighted


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

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