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Is it possible to pull trueview DBM reports? When will DBM trueview metrics be available?

I'm trying to pull DBM trueview reports for a major report. It will be great if all kinds of reports can be imported by the connector.

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Hi Vani,

Only some TrueView report items are supported by the DBM API. They do not currently support TrueView Views, but do support some metrics. Can you please check under Filters_TrueView_ items here to see if what you want is listed:

If it is present in the API but you do not see it in Supermetrics, please note which item(s) you want and I can pass the request on to the dev.

(Also note - you put this ask under the Data Grabber forum, so I wanted to mention that Data Grabber does not support any DoubleClick connectors. You need to use Google Sheets or Data Studio.)

-Thank you

Supermetrics Support

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