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Hi guys,

I want to create a report with two separate pages for Instagram and Facebook Ads Data. Firstly I created two filters  one that includes and one that excludes the placements containing "instagram". It works fine for Campaign Names, however it doesn't work properly for the actual Campaign Data. I compared the data from my report with the actual campaign data from the ads manager. It is not the same. 

Is there a workaround for this or are you working to fix that problem? 

Thanks for your assistance.



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  • Hi Tim,

    There's a known Data Studio bug that happens when you use filters and have the "summary row" or scorecards. The issue is that Data Studio handles the filter post query, rather than part of the query, so Facebook can't work it's calculation magic on the correct filtered request. Instead, Facebook is queried for the full data set and the Data Studio handles the filtering, leading to pure summed values, which don't match the adjusted values Facebook Ad Manager has. 

    Sadly as the issue is in Data Studio itself, we can't fix it and have to wait for Google to correct how that works. The only way right now to avoid the problem is not to use a filter.

    -Thank you


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