Instagram Hashtag='X' and Author Username='X', not working?

I need to pull an engagement report for all of my Instagram account's posts (the same Insta account I'm using to auth SuperMetrics) that contained a certain hashtag.

When I pull a general "all posts containing this hashtag", the query completes, but when I try to add "only from author username [me]", it times out.

Is this broken, or am I doing in wrong?

  • Hi,

    That connector is mostly broken due to Facebook deprecating most of the API that connector uses - see this article for more information:

    Instagram errors (decreased query limit and disabled endpoints)

    We only still have it available for the few users that still can get some post data from it. We have a replacement coming, we're just waiting on Facebook approval before we can publish it.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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