Accessing prior (previous?) period of data for AdWords fields?

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Is there some way to do a comparison field for values in tables using your connector and Google Data Studio? I'm looking for something like what I'd get if I used the compare feature in AdWords then clicked the plus above certain fields and used Export. This export then contains a current and previous field for all of the fields selected with the "+" as well as the difference and percent change. 

Please advise - I am a customer currently. 

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  • Hi Chris,

    There's a feature built into Data Studio that is similar to what you are asking:


    it the shows the changes in the report element - here's examples with a table and a scorecard:


    The only thing missing is the prior value itself - but you can change that in the Style settings:


    Sadly it doesn't look like you can display both the original past value and the original current value - only the % change or the absolute change. But hopefully this gets to closer to what you needed. 

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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