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Please help me with Twitter add

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum. I am JacksonLevi working in one of the Creative digital advertising company, i want to run a report with Twitter add using campaign name, impressions, clicks, cost for 1st to 31st August and it takes an age (15mins +) to load. If I change something and refresh, even longer. If I interup the process after 20 mins or so, it seems to then render the data. I'm connecting to a Twitter account that accesses all out clients accounts and so reporting on a clients data rather than ours. Any ideas?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you.

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Thanks for reaching out!

If a query in Data Studio is this slow (or stuck), there may be a few different reasons to it, the most usual being:

  • Too many filters in the query
  • Browser cookies/plugin conflict
  • Outdated version of the connector
  • Data Studio report or graph corrupted/stuck and not able to handle requests

Please clear your browser cookies, and open a new report in Incognito mode.
Follow the steps to create a new data source, and remember to rename it to separate it from the old version of the same connector.






Let us know if this helped.

Best regards,

Heidi / Supermetrics

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