Creating reports for multiple Instagram accounts


We manage Instagram accounts for multiple brands and are wondering if we can setup several reports in DataStudio with the correct Instagram account for that particular brand. Is this possible?


  • Hi Adil,

    It's not really possible right now with the current Instagram connector that we have, as Facebook deprecated the user data end-points for it after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. You would need those end-points to specify the accounts but they aren't functional anymore - see this for more information:

    Instagram errors (decreased query limit and disabled endpoints)

    We do have an Instagram Insights connector on the way as a replacement for this that should work similar to the Facebook Insights one to pick multiple pages/accounts. We are just waiting on approval from Facebook to publish it, which may be awhile given that the queue for approval recently reopened and is quite backed up.

    If you are interested, I can add you to our Instagram Insights beta-tester list, and we will notify you as soon as it's ready to use so you can try it out.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • Hi Jessica, 

    Is it possible to pay for a subscription for Instagram Insights? Our business is currently on a free trial about to expire in a few days, and we'd like to try out a month subscription to maintain this dashboard. I've looked for connector options and I figured connecting to Facebook Insights would grant access as Facebook owns Instagram, but I want to be sure prior to purchasing a subscription. 

    Thanks for your help, 


  • Hi Simone,

    It should be soon - it just went out of public beta stage a week ago and the webmaster said they will post the information about it today in the pricing page for DS (it's naturally included in Sheets Add-on already). They said it will be for Pro/Super Pro only for Data Studio - you won't be able to get it as an individual connector, unfortunately.

    -Thank you 

    Supermetrics Team