Google My Business and Instagram Insights

Hi there!

We have already purchased Facebook Insights. We are looking into Google My Business and Instagram Insights as currently, there are no free options for these. 

We have over 90 Instagram accounts and over 90 Google My Business listings (All managed under one account). I was wanting to inquire what the cost would be to purchase the Instagram and Google My Business connectors?

  • Hi Fern,

    As far as I know, when Google My Business and Instagram Insights launch into production they should be the same $19/mo per connector price as the others for Data Studio (and included in the Pro and Super Pro bundles). But neither is available to purchase right now.

    GMB is still in public beta testing but is planned for release at the end of May. You should be able to purchase it then.

    Instagram Insights is blocked waiting for the approval of Facebook  - they just reopened app approvals so we're probably in a very long queue. Public Beta is TBD on that one (but we can add you to a list to be notified when it's available to test and you can purchase it once it does go into production release).

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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