Split by Week (Sat-Fr, dates)

Hi Supermetrics,

I'm pulling adwords data and need a 'week by week column' with dates.

This works perfectly with 'Split by Week (Mon-Sun, dates)', but our reportig week is Saturday to Friday.  There is no 'Split by Week (Sat-Fr, dates)' in the options.

Is there a way around this? Can we add a (Sat-Fr, dates)


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  • Hi Jean-Paul,

    Thanks for your request.

    There is unfortunately no split by to Sat-Fr, and I can't think of any other way around it, than gathering the raw data into a separate sheet date by date, and fetching the summary of it into another sheet, using for example VLOOKUP function to manipulate the date in the way you want.

    I will forward this request to our developers, and they'll get in touch as soon as they've had a chance to evaluate whether the feature will be added. 

    Best regards,

    Heidi / Supermetrics

  • I really need this feature as well. All our company reporting is Sat-Fri and that's a huge pain to manually pull in daily data when I just want weekly.

  • Also need this feature. I bought a subscription under the impression I could do this, as it would save me a lot of time. Without it, I might as well go back to manual reporting.

  • i want this too

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