Google Sheets @ Automated/Scheduled Refresh

Ive used the Supermetrics add-on in Sheets to build a budget pacer so i can keep track of all of the PPC channels for a client and monitor/watch spends. 

When it comes to scheduling refresh, i'd like to schedule these for every hour, so as frequently as possible. I work for an agency, so i'm not the only person with access to the Google Sheet that I built this report on. Now, my pro-version of supermetrics (which you must have to schedule refreshes) is registered to another email. And email that I didn't use while building this report, or using supermetrics to pull the data. Will i be able to give access to the email with the license and schedule the refresh trigger using that email? If i d this, will it refresh and be visible to all users with access to these sheets?

  • Hi Dylan,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Yes, if you share a sheet with edit access to a user that holds a Supermetrics license, then that user can setup a trigger to automatically refresh the sheet. The refreshed data will show for everyone that have access to the sheet.

    Please do note, that hourly refreshes are only part of the Super Pro level license. See further information on pricing here.

    Best regards,

    Heidi / Supermetrics

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