No licence error?


I have been using supermetrics for a little while now and I really like it.

Nonetheless, when I tried using the partners connectors, an error message pops out saying that I do not own a license. I do own a license and I don't really understand why this still appears.

Can anyone help me, please?

Thank you so much

  • Hi,

    I checked the account mentioned in the error and it does not appear to be associated with a team that has a Data Studio production license. The team given in the error only has trial licenses set to it that have expired. It may be then that you (aka the account "") was never added to the license team. This can be fixed by adding your account to the team in Team Management by the license owner - Team Management for Data Studio

    It may also be that you are confusing your active Google Sheets license for Data Studio access (they aren't compatible, you need separate licensing for these two products). If you also need a Data Studio license, we offer a 20% multiple product discount for having both products. I can send you the code for that if you want to go that route. If the Sheets license is actually a mistake purchase and you meant to get Data Studio instead, let me know so we can address that.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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