Combine New Results With Old, LinkedIn Member Data

Could you please confirm that this will work correctly? I would like to make sure that older dates that don't appear in the data set won't be removed if the data pull doesn't include that info.

LinkedIn API restricts pulling member performance data (job title, etc) more than 2 years old. This seems like a perfect use case for Combine New Results With Old so we can keep an archive. I segment rows by month. If I set it to last 2 years including this year, combine new results with old, I would think that when it runs daily, it will update the current month info (and any other months if the data changes) but the old data (i.e. more than 2 years old) will stay on the spreadsheet and not get deleted if the new data pull doesn't include anything for that month.

Is this correct? Thanks!

  • Hi Clayton,

    Yes, this should work in the way you describe. Just make sure you enable the setting with the very first run to get the oldest data (else there's a weird quirk where it will re-add the headers to the list if you enable it later. If it does do this, you can just remove that row).

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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