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adode analytics metrics allocated to the wrong campaign

Hi , 

I have got two campaigns( campaign 1 and campaign 2) that i need to extract kpi from . However, it appears that supermetrics is allocating the custom metrics to the wrong campaign and failing to pull the data. 

campaign 1 in Adobe UI has the following two  metrics : Click to open - unique open

however, when using the supermetrics connector, and selecting account "campaign 1" , supermetrics does not find any of the metrics listed above. 

when Chosing account "Campaign 2 ", i can see the both metrics "click to open and unique Open ,   but the query fails with the following error message:Query failed: Adobe Analytics failure (Metric "totalevent10" not found)

to recap:

supermetrics allocated the metrics to the wrong campaign name and doesn't seem to be able to pull the data. 

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Hi Aviva,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with this - can you provide either a screenshot of the query that produces the error or the query ID so we can investigate further?

-Thank you

Supermetrics Team

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