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The way my Twitter analytics access works is that my company granted my personal Twitter account with access to the company's Twitter analytics. When I go to Twitter, I have to click analytics and then switch over to the company account to access data. 

When I try to log in to Twitter on Supermetrics, it automatically logs me in on my personal account, even if I have Twitter open switched to the company analytics account. How do I access Twitter data for my company when all it's giving me is my personal account?

  • The original poster noted privately they got this working, but in case others run into this problem -

    You need to switch the account to your business account here, as it often defaults to your private account first:

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • Hi Jessica,

    I am currently running into the exact same problem. But I cannot see the companies account page in the 'Select accounts' list as you described above. I have admin rights on the company account with my personal Twitter account. But still, the connector does not list the company account. I reconnected / reauthenticated multiple times but it did not work. We are using the Twitter Premium connector. 

    Do you have a solution for this? I am not quite sure whether this is a Twitter or Supermetrics problem. I did not find any guidelines on which user rights one needs to get access to the data via Twitter Premium connector. 

    I am thankful for any hint. 



  • Oh! If you are using the Twitter Premium connector, you have to have the credentials for that Twitter account directly, there's no "delegated" access like there is for Twitter Ads unfortunately. And if you need to manage multiple profiles, you need to log into them one at a time (but then they are selectable together in the account selection section). 

    We did give feedback to Twitter that this sucks for agencies and companies that won't want to/can't get access to the Twitter profile login or have hundreds of profiles to manage. But so far haven't heard of any changes to this or plans to change it.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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