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Curating Facebook Popular Posts

I would like to curate the message content of the status update of my competitors most popular facebook posts, and I am wondering if anyone has a ready made template for this? 

Also, any other Facebook ready made templates you can point me to?

Hi Taylor,

Thanks for your message.

All the templates by Supermetrics can be found in the Template Gallery (Add-ons > Supermetrics > Template gallery), but unfortunately one like you described does not yet exist. I will give our template creators a hint on this :) One of the existing templates is a social media keyword analysis template (Social Media Tracking), maybe that can get you in the right direction?

Best regards,

Heidi / Supermetrics

Can you share that template here? 

Also, do you know of a Google Keyword Rank Tracking Template?

Hi Taylor,

please find the Social Media Tracking template here:

Regarding Google Keyword Rank Tracking, you probably mean keyword ranking for normal search? We only have a template for AdWords keyword performance, but it does provide multipurpose data on keywords:


Heidi / Supermetrics

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