5 Daily uploads what it mean?

Hi, Supermetrics Support.

We wanna know about the license of 5 daily uploads Facebook Ads $39/mo. Please can you explain us what does it consist this license?

We bought that license at 10 March 2018. In this moment we've reached this limit (5.000 scheduled Facebook Ads uploads), but we don't understand why. 

We hope for a quick solution.

Thanks for attention.

  • Hi Juan,

    The 5 uploads means that you can set 5 different scheduled upload setups per data source to run per day (it only ever runs once per day per configuration). You can see how many are configured under the "Scheduled Uploads" button in the UI.


    So if you have hit the limit, that means that you have 5 Facebook Ads configurations already in place and will need to either purchase a larger license with more uploads or delete unneeded upload configurations.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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