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Query failed: 400 badRequest Unknown dimension(s):

Query failed: 400 badRequest Unknown dimension(s): mcf:Continent For details see

I'm getting this error when trying to break down some metrics in Google Analytics filtered by both Medium and Continent.

Continent is the filter causing the issues.

  • Hi Brandon,

    which metrics are you using in the query? Multi-channel funnel metrics and dimensions cannot be combined with normal ones, and this goes for filters as well. 


    Heidi / Supermetrics

  • The purpose of the chart was to break out Sessions, Bounce Rate, Conversions, and Session Duration by Mediums within Europe.

    Google Analytics was capable of delivering the data in that manner, but only based on a roughly 9% sample. So I thought Supermetrics might be able to do so. 

    It seems the issue was in trying to include conversion data. Is there any way to include conversion data, broken by Medium for a specific region?

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