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Ad Label Testing Tool showing 0 in results

Hi there

I am using the ad label testing tool to check for statistical significance between ads. The ads in the campaign I am testing have been labelled the following:

Ad 1: (one label) "KI AC - RLSA - April 2018"

Ad 2: (has two labels) "Free P&P - Generic RLSA" and "The UK's Best Magazine Site - SPART - 2017" 

I am only seeing click/impression etc data for one of the labels, the other label doesn't pull any data in at all? I have attached a screen shot of this. 

For the second ad I have tried selecting both one of the labels on its own, and the option that lists both labels in one option. Neither work. 

Can you let me know why this is please?


ad error.png
(41.7 KB)
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