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Pushing data directly to redshift

Is there a way to bypass Google sheets altogether and push the results of a Supermetrics query directly into a redshift database? It seems like you can name a SQL database as a source, but not a destination.

My ultimate goal here is to join the data we scrape from Facebook, Apple, etc. with other data that we store in a redshift database, since right now the two places do not directly talk to each other. I suppose I could just go source>GoogleSheet>redshift, but was wondering if it was possible to cut out the middle step. 


  • Hi Mike,

    thanks for your question!

    Have you checked out Supermetrics API? It is a feature we're developing for these kind of purposes, and at the moment it is in beta. Please start a trial on it to see if it suits your needs. 

    You can access our API query builder at There you can create an API account, log in to data sources, and create queries. For each query, you get a URL that you can then use where ever you want to have the data.

    We are developing connectors to various data analysis & visualisation tools. Currently we support Tableau (instructions here: It's also possible to use these query URLs in an ETL process to bring data into your data warehouse.

    Instructions for the API tools can be found here:


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

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