Template not working (Adwords API error)

Hi I have been using your template: Adwords Historical Quality Score Reporting Template from you.

Last week it worked like clockwork but now I receive:

Query failed: Invalid field error. ReportDefinitionError.INVALID_FIELD_NAME_FOR_REPORT: Cannot select a combination of AdNetworkType1 and HistoricalCreativeQualityScore,HistoricalLandingPageQualityScore,HistoricalQualityScore,HistoricalSearchPredictedCtr

There seem to be an issue with QS metrics and the AdNetworkType1. Have you made any changes? 

  • Hi,

    We did deploy a fix earlier today that should have addressed errors like these. Please try closing and reopening the sheet so that it loads the latest bits and run that query again to see if it still has this issue.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • Hi Jessica,

    I tried closing my browser (chrome) and reopening but I still get the same error in all my instances of the template.



    Growth hackers sthlm

  • Is there a solution to this? I'm facing the same issue here. 

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  • Same issue here, we need a quick solution please!

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  • Still no solution in sight Jessica Brock?

  • Same error here! pls help

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  • Same Problem here! Any solytion?

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  • Ok, so now I can run the queries and get results but the template isn't really working anymore :( The format of several metrics seem to have changed. 

    1. It is all the "Historical..." QS parameters that now seem to be returned differently. 
    2. QS are now returned with two decimals and the Above Average/Average/Below Average can be get multiple returns in one cell e.g. both Above Average & Average. 
    3. The actual Keyword is also missing

    Is this the expected way these metrics should work from now on?

  • Also Splitting metrics by keywordtext looks not working. guys, what are you doing there - we use supermetrics to monitor our marketing activities and some of the really important stuff is not working since one week...


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  • Hi All,

    The developers deployed another separate fix for this on Monday evening for issues with AdNetworkType1 and HistoricalCreativeQualityScore. Please close and re-open your sheets to get the latest version and check if that fix now resolves the issue. If that does not address it, then please submit a new private ticket with the error message and query ID so we can investigate further.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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