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New Added Accounts Not Showing up in Connectors

Hi there,

I have been added to new accounts/pages to manage under Facebook and Bing. These new accounts are not showing up under the Ad Data + Google Analytics Connector or the Facebook Insights account. 

The multiple accounts are setup under the same email address. And, I have the correct access considering the other accounts are setup the same. I have removed and added the multiple times as well as refreshed, deleted cookies, and reboot my computer. 

Nonetheless, the new accounts are not showing up as an option. Please let me know if there is a way to fix this!



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  • Can we get some support on this issue? It seems to be common.

  • I am having the same isuse.

  • Hello, I have the same issue.

    Every account except for two that we represent will not show up.  We also have the same setup with all our accounts and have removed/re-added.

  • Same problem here - what is the solution?

  • My problem was solved automatically - I suppose, that it takes the connector 12-24h hours to show new FB ad accounts

    Also, I recognized that I missed an article about this issue. Maybe this helps some of you:

  • I had this issue recently.

    I was able to find an immediate fix by clicking "refresh account list" directly under the account selector. 

    After refreshing, the accounts appeared immediately. Hope this helps!

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