Twitter Followers Comparison

Hi There

I'm trying to pull the Follower Count from the first of every month, compared to a year ago.

There is no comparison feature on the Twitter Data Source. I can pull the current follower count, but not the count from 1 year ago.


  • Hi,

    Sadly it's a restriction from the API itself. The public API for Twitter only reports back a lifetime total for that value, taken when the query is run. It can't report them over time or from a specific time-frame.

    You can use this setting to compile your own historical data - check this and then have the query run once a day to build a table of values over time.


    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • I do not see "Append new results to old" in the Connector in Google Data Studio. Can you please provide information for creating the historical data within my Google Data Studio canvas?

  • Hi Karin,

    There's no option for this in Data Studio unfortunately. Unless you want to compile the data in Sheets and import it into Data Studio, it's just not possible right now. I'm sorry we don't have a better solution for this due to the API limitations.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics team