AdWords Geo Map Error (4cc9dc3e)

The connector "broke", meaning that it went from being Adwords to Unknown. I tried to resolve it but it just opened up a download window where it downloaded a file called AdWords. Frustrated, I reconnected your AdWords connector which means that I have to completely re-build my report from scratch.

That's not even the issue I'm asking about. Before the connector breaking, I was able to report conversion data for our campaign running only in the U.S. 

Data Source: AdWords

Dimensions: Region

Metric: Conversions

Zoom Area: United States

Custom Date Range: Jan 1, 2018 - April 30, 2018 

Filter: (I tried with filter Adwords / Campaign Name / In: "campaignname" and also tried with no filter (pictured))

I swear that I was able to do this report. Now it doesn't work. Thoughts on the whole situation?


  • Hi,

    thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear about the issues in Data Studio.

    Seems you need to apply a filter in the query, as the AdWords API requires a Country parameter if Region is fetched. Please click on Add A Filter, and filter by Country Equal to United States. See image.


    Supermetrics team

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