What is the definition of a query

Hi there,

I'm just in the process of weighing up whether i need to purchase the pro or super pro version of Supermetrics but in order to do so I could really do with understanding your definition of a query. Please, can you confirm for me?

Many thanks

  • Hi Lyndsay,

    For the purposes of the Supermetrics "queries per day limit", a query (request) is any time a query (block of data) is refreshed. This can be manually with the refresh button or when you apply changes to a query, or automatically with our scheduled trigger system. 

    For example, if you had a Sheets file with 4 different queries you set up in it and had it set to refresh once a day, that would be 4 refresh requests and would count as 4 towards your daily limit for the license.

    If anything is still unclear, please let us know.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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