Referring to Instagram changes

Today we got this Update:

Update 05.04.2018:

Facebook has formally announced changes to the Instagram API affective immediately that disable the endpoints for comments, follows, likes, and user data. This affects the connector in that it can no longer retrieve information for the disabled endpoints. You can still get some post data with the connector.

Which post data can I still get exactly? When I select all fields (query type Instagram Posts or Instagram User Posts) I dont get any data, so I wonder what still works...

Does anyone have an idea?

  • Hi Klaus,

    The query limit is also still a problem and causes random bits of data to go missing. When I tested this I could only use "Instagram Post" (we've updated the article to say that we're completely removed "Instagram user data" and "Instagram user posts" as those endpoints are disabled in the API completely). This was the data I could get:


    This was a very small query - looking for only one keyword and only 5 items. We advise that you greatly reduce your number of rows so you can get the best chance of data in return. Larger queries still trip the request limit and come back incomplete or blank.

    Please also see the updated article now as there's information about what we're doing next to address this.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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