Segmenting Facebook population using saved audiences

Hello! I’m trying to divide the entire country’s Facebook population into 5 groups using saved audiences. I have defined each audience using different sets of interests. Naturally, there is some overlap between the saved audiences, but taking that into consideration I need to make sure that I still cover the entire population. The main challenge I face is how to determine the exact number onf individuals unique for each saved audience (not overlapping with any of other four). Is there a way to identify the number of unique individuals in each audience? Thanks!

  • Hi Austeja,

    this can be done with filters. You can use multiple filters at the same time so you should be able to find a suitable combo to get only the certain audience group in to your results. For example if you create one filter for cities and another one for age groups and then use "reach" or any other metric that you're after in that query.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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